5 Inbound Marketing Tips For Your B2B Strategy

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5 Inbound Marketing Tips For Your B2B Strategy
Every day, more and more B2B companies join the world of Inbound Marketing as a new way to optimize their online sales without becoming a spam monster that gets new leads with paid advertising.

With B2B the case should be the same due to all the qualities that Inbound Marketing has to offer, but many people aren't aware of the fact that the Inbound Methodology is the way to go in this line of business!


5 reasons why Inbound Marketing should lead your Marketing B2B strategy:


1. Content generation helps you rank and get found!

Most people seem to have the wrong idea about B2B strategies since they often forget they're dealing with people all along. Even though your clients are other businesses, the people behind these companies will hope to find you online.
 If you create content that helps you rank in search engines, it's more likely for a potential customer to find you and begin a relationship with your business.
According to HubSpot, businesses that generate online content regarding their product reach 67% more leads monthly compared to companies that don't. Also, 8 of every 10 web users read blogs on a regular basis.  These numbers are hard to ignore if getting more leads it's your number one goal.


2. Humanize your company's account

This point comes hand in hand with content generation and active online presence. But it all comes down to this:  if you show that you are a real person with the ability to respond questions from users and educate them on what they need, without spamming them with your product/services, they will feel like they are having a conversation with a real person, not a machine.
From sharing personal experiences in a blog post or uploading a  video interview with people from your company, you will give a face to the organization and "humanize" your business.


3. Avoid Spam

Nothing is worst than receiving an email of a product you are not searching for and that you are not willing to pay for at the moment.
I bet it goes immediately to the SPAM folder in your email account.  The practice of buying ready to send emails, not focused on your targeted buyer persona, will automatically affect your business and generate a negative perception and distrust.
On the other hand, if leads come organically to your site, they already have developed a more trusting relationship with your company, as opposed to when you buy their attention.


4. Become a Lovemark

 The more you generate content that moves people, the more likely you are to get ranked online! You know you're doing it right when you get visitors coming back to your page for more.
You want your clients to build a relationship not only with your product but also with your brand, culture, and values. The moment you accomplish this is the exact moment you become a love-mark! And that's what you must be aiming for...


5. Inbound Marketing is the present and future 

Inbound Marketing is the marketing approach that generates better results and more revenue for your business. According to HubSpot data, companies that invest in Inbound Marketing save up to $20.000 compared to those who are implementing Outbound Marketing.  Also,  Inbound gets 54% more leads than any other method, and your message gets delivered twice as fast compared to other strategies, but with the same budget.
Inbound Marketing is the best strategy for B2B marketing. The greatest thing about this method is that it's effective for any company that is aiming for online presence and attracting new leads.


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