Drive customers to your website with these free Google SEO tools

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Drive customers to your website with these free Google SEO tools

It's no secret that all digital marketing strategies use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to list websites higher on Google, in hopes to attract more visitors that could potentially become customers. If you're feeling lost in the process, keep reading and find out how these free Google SEO tools could help!

Search engines grow smarter every day, and the only way to continuously improve your website's SEO is by creating remarkable content to establish your site as a relevant, authoritative and trustworthy source.

Creating relevant content for your website involves monitoring and continuously overhauling its performance in terms of traffic generation, to assess if your content is getting the level of engagement that you hope for.

Bearing in mind that Google is the world’s most famous search-engine, we’ll share with you a list of free Google SEO tools and latest insights, in case you’re getting started on your SEO journey.

The power of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a user-friendly and free platform that provides the metrics you need to examine your website in order to improve your customer's experience. Gain access to stats like the number of sessions, bounce rates, users, page views. As well as a whole array of data ranging from location, demographics, and interest of the traffic visiting your website. This detailed information is very useful when assessing a digital marketing strategy for your website and will give you a deeper understanding of your customer's experience.

Additionally, it lets you acknowledge which keywords are driving traffic to your website, to discover and prioritize the best keywords to target.

“Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”  Mia Vallo - Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic.

The trendiness of Google Trends

Speaking of keywords, Google Trends is the go-to place to gain access to a free keyword research tool. It gives you insights into what people are looking for on search engines and organizes these results in categories ranging from health, sports, entertainment and business among others. Google trends will aid you in checking the query volume and provide you with detailed insights on the latest online trends and people's interests. Use this knowledge to your advantage by tracking what's in the mind of your potential customers to stay ahead of your competition.

The Secret behind Google Search Console

If the name Google Search Console doesn't ring a bell, you've come to the right place; it's basically a free service that gives you access to the data needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps.

It's a valuable resource for everybody: webmasters, marketing professionals, SEOs, designers, business owners, and app developers. It helps you analyze clicks from Google Search, identify critical errors, find and fix issues, submit sitemaps, and test if Google can successfully understand your content.

You can also find information like the number of people visiting your site and how they're finding it, whether people access from mobile devices or desktop computers, and which pages are getting the most traffic. The data this platform supplies may complement the data provided by Google Analytics, becoming a comprehensive and very powerful platform to maintain a Google-friendly website.

Planning with Google’s Keyword Planner

Using keywords to position your content and your website higher on search-engine results is a MUST. Google Keyword Planner will assist you when searching for the right keywords for your content plan and keyword strategy. The keyword planner will show the monthly search query volume, keywords per location and provide suggestions for terms you weren’t possibly considering in your SEO strategy, and help you identify keyword opportunities. You’ll find this feature within Google’s AdWords tool.

Begin using these user-friendly and free Google SEO tools and increase your SEO productivity by writing remarkable content optimized to increase your website's traffic. Trust us, hard work and patience will pay off in the long run!

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