The Future of Marketing: Product is King

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The Future of Marketing: Product is King

What is more important, product development or Marketing? 

This is a series of 8 articles that talk about the Future of Marketing. If you have not read the first article Start Here.


3) Product is king (3 of 8 articles)

"Product is king"  must be the new mantra for the marketing department, the CEO and the company in general. Now more than ever the product/service you offer has to be in the center of your marketing strategy. Apple, Nike and other great companies have had this strategy very clear since inception. Guy Kawasaki, who worked at Apple says, "What Steve did that few marketers understand is that he first created a great product. It's hard to market crap. Most marketers take whatever crap is thrown at them and put lipstick on the pig. Steve's 'secret' was to control the product and the marketing, not just the marketing." The founder of Paypal and Founders Fund, Peter Thiel is also an advocate on focusing on product, not sales, “If your product requires advertising or salespeople to sell it, it’s not good enough: technology is primarily about product development, not distribution." Don't go crazy about marketing if your product is not good enough. If you are looking to work with a company, partner with that company or help them with their marketing, study their product before making a decision. If their product is not good enough, chances are that you will not grow as fast as you think, independently if you have world-class marketing initiatives behind the product.

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